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Your Registration, Install and setup issues/problems of Leawo iTransfer solved by...

...using your head!
You NEED to read everything everywhere and don't forget the "readme' text as it gives you many answrs to your problems.
I had the same issues you guys have/had and I was pissed. But then going back to the readme text cured everything!!

Now, use this little hint to get your registration information from Leawo iTransfer. Go to the readme text and read where they will SEND to you your Registration Code by just emailing them with your problem!!!!

Most of the problems people have with GOTD sotware comes down to being to damn lazy to READ!
I'm sure I will get hate mail for calling people with install setup and registration issues Dumb Asses. But they are!

But for all of the rest of the people who have problems after reading everything in the readme, then contact your geek friend and tell him/her that the "ID:10T" code you have is screwing up your computer which also screws-up your life by upsettng you. Maybe they will tell you what to do as I have failed to help.

Happy Downloading!!


Joe Jo , 13.11.2012, 01:43
Idea status: under consideration


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